Chapter2Consulting works with forward thinking organisations – those prepared to change, wanting to change and willing to change; companies who don’t want to carry on the status quo.

Our specialist knowledge lies in working with individuals, teams and organisations to improve business outcomes.

We have worked with companies who:

Have aspirations, but lack clarity of how to achieve them;

Miss sales targets / have inconsistent conversion rates;

Lack sales governance / leadership;

Suffer from low staff morale / high staff turnover



We build an individual offering based on your business requirements.  We find the most effective model to be the complete life-cycle of:






Your business is unique.

We will work with you to explore and evaluate the nuances of your business.  Understanding the departure point is imperative before embarking on a journey!

It’s time to blow the dust off your business plan and review the numbers, people, processes, competitors, customers – all of the elements – good, bad and ugly!

In the day to day requirements of running a business, it’s hard to sometimes step back and reflect on the big picture – what does good look like for your company?  what is your USP?  what does your brand represent?

From this we will create a tailored programme making recommendations as to the key focus areas required to take your business to the next level.



Make no mistake – we will be recommending change!

This might involve a minor tweaks; we might recommend significant re-engineering.

Depending on where your business is today and where you want to take it, we will build a change management programme to include:

Sales Model Re-engineering

Performance Management

Employee Skills Mapping
Sales Skills & Behaviour / Sales Training & Coaching

Value Proposition / Value Mapping Analysis
Consultative Selling / Value-based Selling / Challenger Selling
Aligning Sales Process with Buying Process



A great plan has no value without execution.

Based on your specific needs, we will assist in the implementation and ongoing management of a change programme.  This will improve business / sales performance and can include:

Sales Cadence – (expand / explain this!)

Improved Forecast Predictability (could this be better worded?)

Deal Coaching to increase order values, shorten sales cycles and improve leads-sales conversion

Opportunity Qualification – sometimes, it’s best to say “no”!

Improved Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Talent Management / Staff Retention / Staff Morale

1-2-1 Coaching


For maximum benefit, we believe that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. However, we are happy to work with you on specific elements of your business transformation requirements.