Chapter2Group works with businesses of all sizes across all industry sectors. This recent feedback is from a provider of packaging solutions:

“We had identified the clear need for improved sales leadership and Terry gave us confidence that he would be able to help.

After some sales personnel profiling, Terry indicated he could achieve greater goals than we had set ourselves.  There was some immediate improvement in the sales team’s ways of working once Terry started visiting. When COVID-19 struck just 3 months into his tenure, it changed the whole picture. Terry adapted from visiting site in person every week to having a daily sales Zoom Meeting which was very beneficial to the team, and most importantly, this enabled management to concentrate on the supply chain and logistical challenges that the unprecedented times had brought about.

In 2020, Terry has:

  1. Managed a revenue increase of 130%
  2. Managed the product pricing through a very difficult time resulting in increasing the GP by several %.

Practical areas where Terry has been helpful would be as follows:

  1. Breaking down sales/customers situations and clearly re-defining targets and bonuses,
  2. Straight conversations with lower performers,
  3. Regaining the initiative with key accounts that have been mis-managed, or have become particularly challenging,
  4. Helped the sales team with implementing price increases, boosting their confidence in being able to do it in a customer-sensitive yet clear way.”

Over 270 individuals, businesses and public-sector staff have already attended GDPR training delivered by Chapter2Group. In their feedback, they have praised us on the content, delivery and tailored-approach:

Training was clear and really helped us to understand what our company needs to do to be compliant for the GDPR.  Terry made a challenging subject interesting and engaging; He is very knowledgeable and able to clearly explain concepts and expand upon points; he tailored the information to fit the group, delivered an enjoyable course and has a great communication style.” – James, Managing Director.

“Training was extremely informative and engaging. It answered all of my questions clearly and concisely. I feel that I now understand GDPR.  Thank you for making this a very interesting subject!” – Holly, Marketing Director.

“An informative and enjoyable course (especially considering the subject matter!) with good examples to highlight main areas of focus. Really helped us understand what the HR department needs to change in order to be compliant for the GDPR.  It gave me a clear understanding of what we need to implement going forward.” – June, HR Director.